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FishIsland Fishing ParadiseFishIsland: Fishing Paradise

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Version Version: 3.1.5

Size: 54.39MB

Android versionAndroid 4.0.3 and up


Description of FishIsland: Fishing Paradise :

No.1 Casual Fishing RPG ‘Fish Island : Fishing Paradise RPG’
Tired of Real fishing without a sense of blow? Taste and feel the excitement with simple touch of fingertips, touch, tap ~
Fancy Action skills and Ultimate tension, Mega Detailed Fish with 3D rendering, Great potential with Exciting adventure story of the main character
Rhythm-action casual RPG Fish Island that can be easily caught from Nemo to the Baby shark family with just one touch from Seas, Cities and even Garden.


+ True One Touch Fishing Challenge
No requirements to fight with Fishing rods, tired of watching, fighting with reels, timing skills! All you need is a bait, catch with one-touch from goldfish to tropical fish and great white sharks!
+ Aquarium with various themes
Your own aquarium and ocean likely moved the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Antarctic, and Arctic Oceans to you hand!
+ Endless Fish and spirits that want to collect and grow
Over 400 species of fish, including mackerel, carp, trout, sturgeon, penguin, angelfish, whale and shark, and a total of 200 legendary spirits such as dragons, angels, devils, unicorns and naga!
+ Rich RPG elements not found in other real fishing!
Treasure shells, PVP, raid, daily dungeon, boss dungeon, various familiar contents perfectly implemented!
+ Real fishing merits too!
Real fishing fun factors through species, aquariums, fish markets and exchanges that can be acquired by type depending on the bait!
+ Club members, enjoy the competition with friends!
Dominate the top club rankings and get a spirit king faster with your club members to shop and get buffs!
Even beginners and High-end master players can join in exciting and diverse events right now!

Features of FishIsland: Fishing Paradise mod:

– Unlock All
– No Ads

Install Instructions:
+ If you download to your mobile phone:
– After downloading, it’s necessary to install it.
– After the installation has been completed, the downloaded application can be run.
– It’s simple!

+ If you download to another device:
– After downloading, transfer the file to an android device.
– After transfer, it is necessary to install it.
– After the installation has been completed, the transfered application can be run.
– It’s simple!
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